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Go faster with Launch LRS and Lift

Escape your LMS. Share xAPI content without managing users.

Launch Lift, Launch LRS and Launch connectors. A complete e-learning solution built around the power of xAPI.

Launch Lift

Share resources with your team, your customers or the world. Eliminate user management whilst still capturing all of your xAPI data in Launch LRS.

Save time and cost. Enhance security.

Lift enables scalable content delivery without the cost or administration of an LMS. Users can sign in to your learning resources using their existing Google, Microsoft or Facebook credentials. xAPI data is sent directly to your Launch LRS.

Completely customisable. Add your own branding, configure login providers and manage access.

Uploaded resources to any publicly available location, allow content authors to add additional material directly, remove the course administration associated with an LMS.

Lift is free for Launch LRS customers.

Launch LRS

Designed to be the core of your e-learning ecosystem, where speed, security and availability of data are the foundation.

Secure. Conformant. Fast.

100% xAPI conformant without compromising quality. Implementation of best practices for data security. Incredible performance with real-time data transfer and reporting. Complete data control on your own self hosted environment.

Automated enterprise level installation and free to use for up to 10,000 statements stored.

Set your data free

Unlock the power of your data by securely connecting Launch LRS directly to your business intelligence tool, eliminating manual exports or the requirement for costly built-in analytics.

Google Data Studio xAPI Connector

Data Studio is free to use and turns your data into informative, readable, shareable, and fully customisable dashboards and reports.

Connect with any conformant LRS in seconds to visualise your data through highly configurable charts and tables, or use our template.

Effortless installation

Take advantage of our specialist infrastructure knowledge with the automated build and deployment of your entire Lift and Learning Record Store environment.

Build your launch LRS and Lift for free

Remove installation time and cost. Start storing statements in minutes. Implement best practices and the highest levels of security for your learning data by launching your own self-hosted infrastructure with just a few clicks. Or follow our simple steps to install manually.

Configure Launch LRS with your activity provider or LMS within seconds using the intuitive, simple interface.

Person installing Launch LRS

Amazing Value

Launch Lift and Launch Connectors are completely free to use. Launch LRS is also free for up to 10,000 statements stored. If and when you need more, our plans are flexible and excellent value.


Unlimited learners, because Launch Learning don’t believe in charging for individuals, this can lead to prioritising users or to poor value if a learner only stores a few statements. Our plans are based on total statements stored.

Unlimited servers, because your infrastructure shouldn’t be limited by a licence. We believe in following best practices for availability and security of your data.


It can be difficult to predict usage, and requirements often change, so Launch LRS licences can be combined to fit your organisation and updated anytime. With Launch’s complete flexibility, you don’t need to make a big leap to the next tier if you don’t think you’ll need it.

If you don’t purchase a plan straight away or go over your limit, Launch LRS will continue to store all statements until you’re ready.

Incredible customer support

Customers are the most important part of our business, so Launch Learning prides itself on giving the best help and support. We go out of our way to give advice or resolve any issues so you can focus on other things.

Always available

Contact us anytime if you have any questions or problems. Our team will work with you until you’re completely happy.

Launch LRS Customer support

1 Launch LRS was compared with other self hosted Learning Record stores using the same infrastructure and initial conditions. Each LRS was installed on a separate AWS t2-medium Linux instance in the US-East 1 region and used a database on the instance. 10,000 statements were added to the LRS prior to the speed test and ADL’s xAPI test suite was used as a measure of speed. Installation, addition of statements and testing was repeated three times for each LRS, with each installation and test conducted on a separate instance. Mean speed was calculated for each LRS from the three tests results.

2 Based on using an AWS t2-micro costing 75% less than the t2-medium required by a leading open source LRS and purchasing the Launch 50,000 statement plan.