Data Studio LRS Connector

Unlock the power of your LRS with Google Data Studio

Free interactive reporting from any xAPI conformant LRS

Use the Launch Learning xAPI connector to access your data directly

The xAPI LRS connector works with any conformant LRS to easily create detailed reports and dashboards. Data is pulled directly into Google data studio, eliminating the need for manual exports from your LRS. Data studio offers advanced business analytics, providing more flexibility and insight than can be achieved with a built-in LRS reporting tool.

How it works

Use your LRS user or administrator credentials to create a secure connection between your LRS and Google Data Studio. All xAPI data can then be viewed in an easy to understand format within Google Data Studio ready for you to create reports and gain insight into your learning data.

Reporting on xAPI data

Data is automatically broken down based on the xAPI statement format to allow you to filter, sort and display data by user, date, object and verb. Additional metrics provided by the connector provide even greater flexibility when reporting on learning data.

Create time series of user progress, statements stored, course start and completion, number of users and user log in. Find out which courses are most popular and what percentage of users complete or pass a course.

Detailed Analytics

View detailed analytics on individual users such as questionnaire scores, completion dates, date and time every course slide or element of learning material was experienced.

Gain insight into a particular course or unit. Discover how long users take, where they drop off, pass rates, average scores or results to individual quiz questions.

Completely free!

Google Data Studio is free to use and so is the Launch Learning connector. There are no hidden charges or add-ons to purchase.

Unlock your LRS

Our Data Studio LRS connector works with any LRS and there is no cost or registration required. It eliminates the need for an expensive system with in-built analytic tools, giving you more freedom over the LRS you choose and potentially reducing your costs significantly.

Launch LRS has annual plans starting from $349 as well as a free tier, if you switch from an existing LRS to Launch LRS our mirroring tool will handle all your data migration.

See how much you can save with Launch LRS. You can try Launch LRS for free or contact us for a demo.

How to get started

Data Studio‚Äôs partner connectors make it possible to easily access your data. Search for Launch Learning in Google’s library of Data Studio Connectors and select the xAPI LRS connector.

You will need to authorise the connector to connect to an external source, this will be the endpoint of your LRS.

Enter the endpoint of your LRS, once you’re connected it is possible to connect to additional LRS endpoints to create reports for all of your LRSs

You will be asked to enter credentials for your LRS. If using Launch LRS, an administrator username and password will give you access to all data in the LRS, non-administrator credentials will give access only to the data of that user. For all other LRSs, enter basic authentication credentials as you would if connecting to an LMS or any other external system.

The Launch Learning connector has a template with a LRS general usage report which is selected by default. Connect to view the data fields and create a report.