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Perfect performance. Lightening fast.

100% xAPI conformant without compromising quality. Launch LRS outperforms the leading LRSs1 to handle the demands of a modern organisation and the processing of big data.

LRS Speed

Launch LRS

Leading Paid


Leading Open Source


ADL reference LRS (Baseline)

Flawless features with the power of Launch LRS

The incredible performance of Launch LRS with real-time data transfer and reporting,
ensuring a single point of truth for your learning data that’s always in sync.

Statement mirroring

Synchronise with another Learning Record Store and continuously stream xAPI data from multiple sources to your Launch LRS.

Use a mirror to quickly migrate from your existing Learning Record Store and ensure data is never lost.

Statement forwarding

Streamline your data with statement forwarding. Copy data in real-time to your reporting platform or to an additional Learning Record Store to perform powerful data analysis that is always current.

Advanced reporting connectors

Our Google Data Studio xAPI Connector works with any LRS, however, with Launch LRS you can use the custom connector to gain even more insight into your data.

Launch LRS pre-processes and structures your data to work seemlessly with the Launch LRS connector. Experience advanced reporting capabilities and optimise the performance of your data connection.

Good things come in small packages



Powerful performance = Smaller servers

Launch LRS is so efficient that it needs 1/4 the processing power of other leading Learning Record Stores. So even if you upgrade from our free tier, the total cost of ownership is still less than the leading open source LRS2.

Launch LRS Security

As well as having complete complete control of your data on your own self hosted environment, Launch LRS implements best practices for data security.


Launch LRS password protection

One way password encryption with mandatory password change on first login. Password strength indicator with configurable required level.


Launch LRS data segregation

Data from different activity providers is segregated to enable enhanced security in your reporting


Launch LRS data encryption

Simple to configure with clear documentation, allowing you to easily encrypt your data in transit and at rest.

Dark mode

Every aspect of Launch LRS is designed and implemented with highest levels of attention to detail,
from the quality of the code, to the dark mode of the user interface.

Launch LRSLaunch LRS

Discover how much you can save with Launch

Free storage for up to 10,000 statements. If and when you need more, our plans are flexible and excellent value. Plus, if you don’t purchase a plan straight away, we’ll continue to store all statements until you’re ready. Launch Learning also offer installation services and infrastructure management.

1 Launch LRS was compared with other self hosted Learning Record stores using the same infrastructure and initial conditions. Each LRS was installed on a separate AWS t2-medium Linux instance in the US-East 1 region and used a database on the instance. 10,000 statements were added to the LRS prior to the speed test and ADL’s xAPI test suite was used as a measure of speed. Installation, addition of statements and testing was repeated three times for each LRS, with each installation and test conducted on a separate instance. Mean speed was calculated for each LRS from the three tests results.

2 Based on using an AWS t2-micro costing 75% less than the t2-medium required by a leading open source LRS and purchasing the Launch 50,000 statement plan.