Lift CloudFormation Template

A complete infrastructure installation to get started with your LRS in just a few clicks.

Developed by Launch Learning’s AWS specialists, our template automatically sets up a static website hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and deploys Lift. The template describes the application architecture and is used by AWS CloudFormation to provision and configure the required services.

Utilising Amazon S3 and CloudFront, the automated process will complete your infrastructure setup in minutes ready to add your own branding and configure your login providers.

If you do not have an Amazon Web Services account see their website for more information or sign up for a free account.

What you’ll build

  • A static website using Amazon S3 at your chosen domain
  • SSL certificate provision using AWS certificate manager
  • CloudFront integration for high speed secure content delivery to your users
  • The latest version of Lift deployed to the website


A registered domain

You must own or control the domain. If you don’t already have one, you can register a new domain with Amazon Route 53.

A Route 53 hosted zone

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. You can use Route 53 to perform domain registration, DNS routing, and health checking.

If your domain is registered with Route 53, a public hosted zone that has the same name as the domain will have been automatically created. If you have an existing domain registered elsewhere, you will need to transfer the DNS service for your domain to Route 53, in which case you will start by creating a hosted zone for the existing domain.

How to deploy

1. Create a stack using the button below. The stack will be launched in the US East region, although CloudFront will serve content to users from the closest point on the global network.


2. After signing in to your AWS Console the stack template URL should be pre-filled. Press Next.

3. Specify a name for your LRS stack, a sub-domain, and enter your domain name. Press Next.

4. Configure stack options if required, all are optional. Press Next.

5. Review your Lift stack, acknowledge the requirements and press Create stack. It will take approximately ten minutes to build.

6. Once the stack creation is complete Lift can be accessed via the URL specified.

7. Refer to the Launch Learning documentation to configure lift with your own branding and provider details.

Costs and licensing

The only cost is the AWS infrastructure cost, although most of the infrastructure is included in Amazon’s free tier. Deployment of Launch LRS is included in the formation and can be used without a licence.

If additional statement storage is required beyond the free tier, a storage plan licence can be purchased.