Launch Lift

Launch Lift

An xAPI wrapper for your learning resources

Enables direct secure access to your resources, to share content and record progress without any user management.

Limitless Learning

Scalable and secure content delivery without adding users to Lift. Captures all xAPI data, easy to install, cheap to run and free for Launch LRS customers.

Social and corporate sign in

Lift enables large scale content delivery by allowing users to sign in using their existing social or corporate credentials. xAPI statements are sent directly from a course to your Launch LRS.

Login providers are configurable to enable sign in with Google, Microsoft, or Facebook.

Limit sign in to users within your own organisation or make Lift available to anyone.

We call it Lift. You can call it anything.

White labelled to completely transform the platform with your own branding.

Name the platform and add your own logo. Use any background image or select a plain colour. Change the wording on the homepage.

Add your own cookie consent and privacy policy.

Many locations. One library.

Learning resources can be uploaded to any publicly available location for Lift to make available to your users.

Lift can provide access to content from multiple locations at once to display your own courses alongside external resources and vendor content.

Eliminates course management associated with an LMS and allows your authorised content authors to easily add resources directly.

Single resource? Skip the platform.

Single items can be individually wrapped allowing users to sign in to them directly.

Each single wrapper will have its own URL. Share a questionnaire on social media and record the xAPI data, create a course for a customer and limit access to their users, or e-mail a course link to all employees and collect the xAPI data in your Launch LRS.

Multiple Lifts to one LRS

Many installations of Lift can be created and all configured to send data to a single Launch LRS instance, especially as Lift is cheap to run and access is free for Launch LRS customers.

Each department or subsidiary company could have their own individually branded Lift, with all data sent to the same location to report on.


Lift supports Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Additional languages are available on request.

Free for Launch LRS customers

Launch Learning only charge for statements stored in your Launch LRS. Costs start from as little as $349 and Launch LRS is free to use for your first 10,000 statements stored. Launch Learning also offer installation services and managed enterprise level hosting on your behalf.