We’ll launch your entire infrastructure

Lift and Launch LRS have been made as simple as possible to install on your own infrastructure with various options available. If you prefer not to handle the setup we offer installation and ongoing management services.


Lift is serverless and hosted on a static website. It can be easily installed on your existing static hosting using the downloadable files, or our Amazon Web Services CloudFormation template creates you a secure website with fast content delivery.

The simplest way to install Lift and create a static website.

Download the zip files and refer to our Lift documentation for configuration instructions.

Launch LRS

Launch LRS has several installation options, but by far the best is our Amazon Web Services CloudFormation template to create an auto-scaling, load balanced environment which implements best practises for security and availability. For a simple set-up, our Amazon Machine Image will install Launch LRS without any additional infrastructure.

The simplest and best way to install Launch LRS. Take advantage of our AWS specialist knowledge for your LRS installation and build your entire infrastructure with the Launch template.

A fast basic LRS installation to start storing statements in a few minutes. Install Launch LRS on an AWS server with a local database, ideal for testing or non-production purposes.

Launch LRS is also extremely simple to download and install on your own self-hosted or cloud infrastructure, with a range of technologies are supported. Get started with our installation guide below.

Installation instructions for the latest version of Ubuntu with optional instructions for database configuration, NGINX reverse proxy and SSL setup.