Ready to Launch further?

Increase your statement storage and access our fantastic support with a Launch LRS plan.

There’s a storage plan to meet your requirements.

Launch LRS plan houses

Or combine LRS plans to build your own.

Launch Learning prices centre around LRS storage. Lift, Launch data connector, and our technical support are all free for customers. If you would like a custom quote based on Lift, require bespoke development or would like an unlimited storage plan, please contact us for a quote.

Annual Launch LRS Plans










Monthly Launch LRS Plans










Select how many total statements you expect to store in your LRS. You can add additional licenses anytime if your requirement increases.

Plans cover total statements stored in your LRS and are billed annually or monthly until cancelled.

Infrastructure services

Installation of Launch LRS and Lift on your AWS

  • Complete LRS infrastructure build on new or existing AWS account.
  • Domain registration
  • Hosted Zone setup
  • SSL certificate provision
  • 4 hours consulting to configure Lift with your branding, course locations and assist with OAuth2 provider setup


Installation of Launch LRS and Lift on other infrastructure

  • Remote installation on cloud based or on-premise infrastructure
  • Domain registration
  • Additional infrastructure setup if required
  • LRS and Lift configuration to use your branding and course locations
  • OAuth2 provider assistance

Contact for a quote

Consultancy and infrastructure management service

  • Ongoing maintenance of your LRS and Lift cloud infrastructure
  • AWS Infrastructure consultancy for your other systems
  • Changes to your configurations
  • OAuth2 provider assistance
  • Software development consultancy
  • Minimum 8 hours per month

$100 per hour

What do I get with a license?

Launch LRS is already free for up to 10,000 total statements stored. We think this should be enough for testing, training within a small company, a research study or even reporting on the learning progress of a small educational group.

Unlimited Learners

Unlimited learners.

Launch LRS plans are based on total statements stored because we don’t believe in charging for learners, it can lead to prioritising individuals and poor value.

24 hour support.

All plans give you access to our 24/7 support team who will help you with anything, anytime.

LRS support happy

LRS Plan flexibility


Increase your storage as and when you need it. Licences auto-renew to avoid interruptions to reporting, however, you can cancel your annual subscription anytime and your license will continue to be active for the remainder of the term.

No hidden costs or interruptions.

No interruptions for learners or extra costs if you go over your storage limit. No additional charges for features. And we’ll always notify you in advance of your subscription renewing.

LRS plan no hidden cost

Launch LRS License Questions

What happens when I reach the maximum allowed statements for my LRS plan?

Launch LRS will continue to store all new statements so there is no loss of data or interruption for your learners. If you don’t have a license to cover the total stored statements, you will be unable to report on or forward statements until an additional licence is purchased.

If I purchase a second license at a later date, will both licenses expire at the same time?

No, each license will last a year from the date of purchase and renew automatically.

What are the limits with the Launch LRS free version?

Without a license you benefit from the same LRS for up to 10,000 stored statements. When you’re ready to purchase a license, any additional data which may have been accumulating will be available for your LMS to report on.

If my environment autoscales will I have to enter the license key again?

No, when additional web servers are launched by your load balancer, they will inherit your license key and will be verified automatically.

Can I cancel my Launch LRS subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, your licence key will still remain active until a year after you purchased it.

How much statement storage will I need?

It depends on the number of learners and courses. Every learner will store a statement for each slide in a course, and probably more depending on the course. Using our initial free 10,000 statement storage should give you an idea how quickly your total statements increase.

Further questions? For help activating or deactivating your licence view the documentation on your own LRS installation. If you have any further questions please contact us.