Certified xAPI conformance

The official ADL LRS Test Suite evaluates whether an LRS correctly implements and meets the technical requirements of the xAPI specification, evaluating over 1300 LRS testing requirements derived from the xAPI specification.

Launch LRS 100% xAPI conformance

Successful completion of all 1365 tests run by the ADL LRS Test Suite demonstrates that Launch LRS correctly implements the LRS requirements in the xAPI specification.

100% pass rate meets the requirements for xAPI conformance certification, allowing Launch LRS to be listed on ADL’s directory of conformant LRSs.

Launch xAPI conformance certification

Fast test completion

Launch LRS can run and pass all the ADL tests in less than 20 seconds.

Launch LRS integrated testing of xAPI tests

Integrated testing

The ADL tests are integrated into our build process to ensure conformance. This means that when we make changes to Launch LRS, unless all the ADL tests still pass, the changes cannot be released as a new version.

Test Launch LRSs conformance and speed yourself by running the ADL test suite on your own installation.